What is SoleWise Reflexology?

SoleWise reflexology is a journey through the feet into the depths of your being. Drawing on the principles of reflexology in which your feet mirror your organs, yourself, and your state of wellbeing. SoleWise reflexology for your soul takes the process a level deeper and through the interpretation of your feet, can translate the emotions and experiences stored within the organs and held in the body. The SoleWise experience draws insight into your emotional state of wellbeing, the flux and pull of different physical, mental and emotional happenings in your life and your spiritual space, and uses these to shed light on your life’s obstacles or challenges and your journey.

Who is Brian Wagner?

Although a glimpse of understanding of being appeared while Brian did national service in the Air force, he suppressed the sense and embarked on a high-power corporate career travelling the globe. A personal family crisis and a clash between his self and what he saw in the world, lead to a better understanding of both. As Brian came to understand that his being and self was not a delusion but rather a gift, he started to cultivate the skill with study of metaphysics and later, reflexology. He began to integrate these two bodies of knowledge and developed a form of reflexology that allows him to use traditional reflexology as a foundation for bringing insight into the being and life of the person receiving a session, and help guide their healing and growth knowledge of themself.

Brian will take you on a journey with SoleWise and his gentle, trusting presence creates a safe, calm space in which to receive guidance and open yourself to the powerful healing experience of this healing modality.

Brian is also a certified yoga teacher and offers yoga as a preventative measure to health. Brian teaches at Indie Yoga, or your home.

To make an appointment for Solewise reflexology or a yoga private, or a wellness corporate event:

Call Brian on his cell:
+27 83 250 1875
Email at brian@solewise.co.za


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